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Dr. Amsu Bey El

Dr. Amsu Bey El is a leading North Carolina Triad Acupuncturist and Wellness Coach who integrates Acupuncture, Asian Medicine, Symptometry, Nourishment into the most comprehensive and dynamic Wellness Program on earth to help individuals reach their very best health, peak performance and vitality.
He is one of the most sought after Acupuncturists and Natural Health Speakers in the state of North Carolina. His methods are PROVEN! Many individuals who trust in traditional medicine have been converted to believing in natural health simply because of the results.
Today his practice, Sustaining Life Wellness Center, is one of the North Carolina Triad's busiest Acupuncture offices, covering Winston Salem, High Point, Greensboro and surrounding areas. We are the leader in delivering Acupuncture care, performing a large number of procedures per year, as well as serving a national and international market though our tele-consulting and mailing services.
Sustaining Life Wellness Center was originally founded in January 1999 by Dr. Amsu Bey El with a vision to transform traditional Acupuncture Services — often a misunderstood concept, rooted in the fear of needling. Dr. El wanted to make care more convenient, friendly and affordable by properly educating the public about the many solutions that Acupuncture provides as well as other alternative health modalities.


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