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Ask yourself these questions.......

Do you deal with medical or mental health issues and would like to know the health benefits and risk on using cannabis?
Have you thought of using CBD but unsure of what to purchase or how much to

Are you brand new to Medical Cannabis and need some guidance from a medical professional?

Do you need education regarding what products to buy and why you would use one vs another?

Want to understand the difference between flower? concentrates? tinctures? capsules?
If you answered YES to any of the above then we can help you!


Studies suggest that medical use of marijuana may help treat a number of conditions or their symptoms, including anxiety, sleep disorders, chronic pain, and specificity related to multiple sclerosis, arthritis inflammation, and Crohn's disease."- By Carlene Bauer. Medically reviewed by Grant Chu, MD

All sessions are conducted by a Licensed and/or supervised mental health professional. 

Medical Cannabis Consultation

60 min consultation


Zoom or Phone

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Doctor Office

Medical Cannabis Treatment Plan

90 min consultation

& Treatment Plan

Zoom or Phone

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