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1. Introduction to Shamanism and Reiki

- Understanding the basic principles and origins of Shamanism and Reiki

- Exploring the similarities and differences between the two practices

- Discussing the integration of Shamanic techniques into Reiki healing


2. Shamanic Journeying

- Learning the art of Shamanic journeying to connect with spirit guides and power animals

- Understanding the different realms and dimensions in Shamanic practice

- Practicing journeying techniques for personal and client healing

3. Energy Healing and Reiki

- Reviewing the principles of energy healing and Reiki

- Exploring the chakra system and its connection to Shamanic practices

- Discussing the use of symbols and mantras in Shamanic Reiki healing


4. Shamanic Rituals and Ceremonies

- Understanding the importance of rituals and ceremonies in Shamanic Reiki

- Learning various Shamanic rituals and ceremonies for healing and transformation

- Exploring the use of sacred tools and objects in Shamanic Reiki practices


5. Power Animal Retrieval

- Understanding the concept of power animals and their role in Shamanic Reiki

- Learning techniques to connect with and retrieve power animals for personal and client healing

- Exploring the symbolism and messages behind different power animals


6. Soul Retrieval

- Understanding the concept of soul loss and its impact on overall well-being

- Learning Shamanic techniques for soul retrieval and integration

- Practicing soul retrieval exercises for personal and client healing

7. Shamanic Reiki Healing Techniques

- Exploring specific Shamanic Reiki healing techniques, such as extraction and psychopomp work

- Understanding the integration of Shamanic practices into Reiki sessions

- Practicing Shamanic Reiki healing techniques on oneself and others

8. Ethics and Professionalism in Shamanic Reiki

- Discussing ethical considerations and boundaries in Shamanic Reiki practice

- Understanding the importance of self-care and energetic protection for practitioners

- Exploring ways to integrate Shamanic Reiki into a professional healing practice


9. Case Studies and Practicum

- Analyzing case studies and real-life scenarios to apply Shamanic Reiki techniques

- Practicing Shamanic Reiki healing sessions with fellow students

- Receiving feedback and guidance from the instructor and peers


10. Integration and Certification

- Reflecting on the personal and professional growth throughout the course

- Discussing ways to integrate Shamanic Reiki into daily life and healing practice

- Receiving a certificate of completion for the Shamanic Reiki course

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