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For Clinicians, Counselors, Therapist and Life Coaches

Getting to The Root of The Issues!

  • Are you looking for a deeper connection to your clients?

  • Do you feel the traditional approaches you are using are not as effective?

  • Are you recognizing that talk therapy alone does not fully address trauma, anxiety and depression?

  • Are you wanting more skills to address the stages of development or select emotional imprints of person ?

This Coaching Program Was Designed Just for YOU!

7 Month Intensive Immersion Coaching Progam

This 7-month virtual immersion and certification program teaches Therapists, Mental Health Professionals and Coaches how to use the therapeutic power of the  ancient  philosophy of the Chakra System to help clients heal from Anxiety, Depression and Trauma while learning skills on how to navigate in life.
This program will assist in  being a catalyst to direct the alignment with their true self as they align with their personal truth's to confidently facilitate and  integrate the healing of the mind, body, and spirit.


Why This Program Will Benefit You.....

  • You are counselor, therapist, coach or mental health professional looking to ethically integrate holistic approaches into your practice.

  • You know your clients need more than the traditional approach to truly heal from trauma, anxiety and depression.

  • Have taken a chakra coarse or chakra clearings and want to learn how to ethically integrate this into your practice

  • You are on your healing journey and want to understand how to facilitate healing for yourself.

  • You are seeking to learn skills on incorporating activities and techniques necessary to begin building an integrative practice or business centered in holistic approaches.


What is included.......

This  program will consist of

  • Monthly group virtual sessions.

  • Monthly peer support meetings

  • Weekly class assignments

  • Case/Client support 

  • Practical application


Chakra Intensive Weekend 

  • Chakra Assessments

  • Developmental Stages of Chakras Workshop

  • Chakra Meditation & Sound Healing Session

Track One

Module 1: Root Chakra

Module 2: Sacral Chakra

Module 3: Solar Plexus Chakra

Learn More

Chakra Intensive Weekend

  • Chakra Treatment Planning

  • Chakras & Crystals

  • Chakras & Essentials Oils

Track Two

Module 4: Heart Chakra

Module 5: Throat Chakra

Module 6: Third Eye Chakra

Learn More

Every module includes:

  • Affirmations + Journal Prompts

  • Mediation/Breath Work

  • Sound healing/Meditation

  • Required readings

  • Option: Chakra Yoga Module

Chakra Journal RB.png
  • Case Studies

  • Integration Assignments 

  •  Retreat Style Learning

  • Monthly Group Coaching 

  • Monthly Peer Group


Included in Program:


Payment arrangements available

Great Value!

$200 off if paid before 2/3/23

Many of us are busy with clients or running our practices. This program was designed to accommodate  busy professionals like yourself. You do not have to stop your current careers, businesses and projects to  develop new skills and learn tools to put in your tool bag. Let's add add to your tool bag and learn the tools to establish a new career, business or program. We meet once a month during the week and two weekend at the beginning and end of program. We start our retreat immersion weekends with chakra yoga and meditation. Our retreat style weekends also feature guest teachers who are experts in their fields as well as workshops to assist in integrating skills learned and clinical applications.

 In this program, each fellow peer is a responsible for their peers in this learning journey. Each participant will be assigned to an interactive peer group for monthly calls, practice teaching , case study reviews and ongoing feedback and support. The purpose of this peer support group to help you develop skills that are acquired during the process of this program 


Are You a 
Therapist or Counselor? 

Are you a Social Worker or Mental Health

Are You a Psychologist, Coach, or Healer?

Meet the  Chaka Therapist

Asha W. Sims. LCMHCS, Holistic Practitioner

Clinical Energy Practitioner/Reiki Master/Yogi/Sensual Arts Educator


Asha W Sims, LCMHCS is a leading clinician in the mental health field . She is a Licensed Mental Health Therapist, Holistic Wellness Practitioner, Sensual Arts Educator, Master Energy Worker, and Yogi.  She is the Owner/Clinical Director of Ashakti Wellness & Yoga PLLC.  She is also the Founder/Executive Director of Place of Love and Light, a 501 c3 Non-Profit Organization that provides holistic wellness services, education, and advocacy for under-served communities.

 Asha believes in promoting wellness through integrative and holistic approaches. Asha has over 25 years in the human service filled with many areas of certifications including Clinical Hypnotherapy, Auricular Detoxification, Energy Work and Reflexology. She is skilled in assisting with resolving trauma and PTSD, as well as smoking cessation, weight loss, stress/anxiety, as well as woman's wellness & sexual health.

Asha’s background studies include metaphysics and energy psychology. She utilizes work with the Chakra Systems to assist in gaining understanding of root issues and inner work to bring balance into life.

Asha Logo Signature (1).png

Welcome to




Are there any requirements for this course? 

YES! Due to the information provided we require that you are currently serving as a Clinical Therapist, Counselor or Life Coach. Graduate Students are welcomed to attend.The information provided in this program will assist you in expanding your practice and personal development as well. 

You will be required to maintain a record of Case Studies while in the program.

Is attendance necessary for all session? 

Yes it is important that you attend all Group Coaching Calls and Peer Coaching calls. You are not allowed to miss more than 2 absences at group /peer coaching calls. All modules must be completed and assignments completed to receive certification.

Why is the course so long? 

This course in an intensive immersive program. Not only will you be receiving information on how to integrate in your practice you will be responsible for you own personal development as well. IN ADDITION, you will be able to apply the practical use of skills learned with ADDITIONAL COACHING OVERSIGHT WHILE IN PROGRAM.

Will there be an information session to provide information  on the program?

YES! Our first Cohort III info session will be TBA at 7:00 pm EST. By completing the waitlist form you will be emailed the link to join.


What certification will I receive?

You will be a Certified Chakra Therapist  at the end of this program!​

What continuing education credits are AVAILABLE?

CE credits pending based upon approval form NBCC.


Can I take this course if I live in a different time zone?

Sure! We want to include those anywhere that are seeking to expand their knowledge and clinical practice.


Do I have to be a therapist to join?

Not at all! Coaches, Psychologists, Yoga Therapists and those with a background in Mental Health and Healing can join!


Are payment plans available?

Yes indeed! We want to assist you in getting what you need to expand your career. Education should not be impacted due to financial reasons. We believe in making education accessible. You are able to take advantage of flexible payment options. Payment plan options discussed at the Info Session. You also have the options to have your payment financed through KLARNA at checkout.


What is your refund policy?

Payments are NON-REFUNDABLE but may be transferrable to a different program or cohort.

This program is extremely in-depth and we provide a great deal of individualized time and attention to everyone, we do not refund. Please be fully committed to your 7 months of growth before joining!

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