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This program provides a safe place for survivors to become re-connected with bodies. Those who have experienced any type of trauma would benefit from this program. The Healing Inside/Out  program helps those who have experienced trauma become grounded in the present moment, and explore the benefits of mindfullness, breath, and movement in a guided truama informed practice.

Each class/workshop will explore the deeper meaning behind strength and pain, and allow survivors to build a community in a safe, supported, and peaceful environment.

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What is Trauma Sensitive Yoga?

  • Yoga in a supportive and non-judgemental environment.

  • Yoga where healthy boundaries are established and support survivors to explore boundaries and assertiveness though movement and reconnection to bodies.

  • Yoga environment where survivors can engage in practice in their own way and challenge themselves when they feel ready to.

  • Trauma-informed instructors that are geniuine, caring, and authentic, and caring!


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