This program provides a safe place for survivors to become re-connected with bodies. Those who have experienced any type of trauma would benefit from this program. The Healing Inside/Out  program helps those who have experienced trauma become grounded in the present moment, and explore the benefits of mindfullness, breath, and movement in a guided truama informed practice.

Each class/workshop will explore the deeper meaning behind strength and pain, and allow survivors to build a community in a safe, supported, and peaceful environment.

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College Program

This program curriculum is comprised of a 8-week intensive series, which focuses on intentional themes, the chakra centers, and restorative poses. Classes may include debriefing exercises, journaling, and art therapy.

Community Program

Trauma-focused yoga workshops and psychoeducational groups  provided in various community settings to address the effects of trauma on the body and providing techniques such as mindfullness and breathwork to release stored emotions. 

Services/Workshopss Offered:

  • Consultations for colleges/universities, rape crisis centers, domestic violence shelters, and mental health agencies as an implementation of comprehensive program to address trauma victims.

  • Trauma Informed Yoga training for Mental Health Professionals

  • Self Care Workshops, Vicarious Trauma, Companion Fatigue Workshop

  • Plus More

What is Trauma Sensitive Yoga?

  • Yoga in a supportive and non-judgemental environment.

  • Yoga where healthy boundaries are established and support survivors to explore boundaries and assertiveness though movement and reconnection to bodies.

  • Yoga environment where survivors can engage in practice in their own way and challenge themselves when they feel ready to.

  • Trauma-informed instructors that are geniuine, caring, and authentic, and caring!


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