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About Yoni Eggs

Women have been practicing with stone eggs for over 5,000 years. Empresses and concubines of the Royal Palace of China used eggs carved out of jade to access sexual power, awaken sensuality and maintain amazing health into their old age. Up until recently, this ancient, secret practice was only available to members of the royal family, and to select Taoist practitioners.


“Yoni” is a Sanskrit word for the female genitalia that means “sacred space.” It's representation in Eastern cultures since ancient times is for bestowing life, creativity and love.  The term “yoni” is to bring appreciation and acknowledgment – so often lacking in Western culture – to the creative power this magical part of the female body holds.

I literally just had sex with my yoni egg in! It was absolutely amazing! I feel so liberated and I had multiple huge orgasms!!

R. Love

Winston-Salem , NC

My yoni egg experience is good. Within a week of utilizing it I stopped urinating on myself when I sneeze. Thankful for organic healing!

S. Almenderez

Charlotte, NC

I put my Mookaite Jasper Yoni Egg in and I have been on a Natural High lol. I no longer feel like the Hulk while wearing this egg. Its been in for 6 days now we have been having a wonderful time bonding.


Spartenburg, S.C

I had my "Blue Goddess" (Blue Goldstone ) in for the past 5 days. I had to interrupt her work for mother nature (my cycle) and I am so calm! Every part of me! Mind, body, spirit, and the rest are so calm!

A. Higgins

Akren, Ohio

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Benefits Of Yoni Eggs

Below are a few of many benefits that you can experience if you practice with a Yoni Egg regularly:


  • Increases libido and awakens your sensuality.

  • Increases natural lubrication, even after menopause by balancing estrogen levels.

  • Practicing with a Yoni Egg not only helps tighten the vaginal walls; it also awakens the tissues, organs, and muscles, promoting new nerve growth, and increases overall sensitivity. 

  • May assist with overcoming issues with infertility.

  • Easier childbirth with less tearing of the tissue. If you have already given birth, this practice may help repair damaged nerve endings and speed your body’s recovery.

  • Strengthens your pelvic muscle floor to help with incontinence.

  • Prevent possible uterine prolapse in the future.

  • Increases intimacy. 

  • A must for serious Tantra, Qigong, and Yoga practitioners.

  • Known to reduce PMS, menstrual cramps and the duration of your menses.

  • Improve overall health and well-being.

The Yoni Egg isn’t just an exquisite accessory that will add charm to your night stand. It isn’t just a great tool for kegel exercises, or a way to maintain health, have better orgasms and more fulfilling sex.

The Yoni Egg is an ancient, sacred tool for spiritual transformation.

How frequently should I use the Yoni Egg?
We recommend around 30 minutes to a 1 hour every other day if you wish to use to strengthen and tone or improve a health condition. Otherwise, let your yoni tell you when it needs it! She will talk…she may even begin to purr!


Can the Yoni Egg get stuck?
No, there is only one way in and one way out. If you have concerns it is recommend that you attach a string through the hole in the in egg, if you have a drilled egg. This is to ensure easy removal when needed.


Should I use the Yoni Egg sitting, standing, or lying down?
You can use the Yoni Egg sitting or lying down but for maximum benefit it is best to use the egg standing up.  Standing will allow gravity to strengthen the muscles, as you’ll need to hold the egg in position, because it has a tendency to slide down. This helps to strengthen and tone.

Can I use the Yoni Egg while I am on my period?
Yes, you can. It is not recommended. I prefer not to. If you do, be aware of hygiene and take out the egg periodically to let the menstrual cycle flow to avoid backing up.

How long will I have to use the Yoni Egg before I see results?
Many see results within 2-4 weeks however each and every woman’s genetic makeup, lifestyle and health status are different. Everyone has specific results or expectations they are seeking from using the egg. Some women will take a longer time to see any noticeable changes; the time scale for changes is based on the condition of the body prior to the use of the Yoni Egg. Once you have reached your goal muscle tone, you can reduce the frequency of use. However, in order to sustain the benefits, we recommend an ongoing routine once or twice a week.


Can the use of the Yoni Egg improve my sex life?
YES! ABSOLUTELY!, the pubococcygenus muscles contracts to produce the intense sexual pleasure during the vaginal orgasm. Stronger, healthier pubococcygenus muscles provide for longer lasting, more powerful and more intense orgasm. Improved vaginal health will increase the frequency and ease of achieving orgasm and boost the overall sexual satisfaction for both the woman and her partner.


What are the different sizes of Yoni Eggs, and what are they for?
The respective sizes of the eggs are: small, medium and large. The largest eggs are the easiest to grasp and manipulate and this is where many beginners choose to start. The smaller the eggs get, the more skill and muscular control it takes to manipulate and feel them, hence the smallest eggs are for the expert who has trained through the other sizes.

Will I be able to use the Yoni Egg if I suffer from vaginal dryness?
Yes absolutely, one of the benefits of the Yoni Egg is that with regular use, it will help to increase blood circulation, recharge the nerve ending which aids hormone reproduction, and increases lubrication.


Will my partner be able to feel the difference?
Definitely! You have 3 main muscles in the vagina. After you have practiced with the Yoni Egg, you will eventually gain full control of each individual muscle and will be able to manipulate each muscle separately. This will enhance the orgasm and the pleasure for the male.

Can I use more than one egg at a time? 
Yes, two small eggs or one small and one medium.

Can this help if I am menopausal?

Yes indeed! By toning the muscles, it eliminates the chance of atrophy of the uterus and other organs from sinking. It is important to do daily exercise  (just a few minutes a day) to increase the blood flow to the pelvic floor, enhance toning, strength and sensations in the yoni.


How does a Yoni egg enhance orgasms?

With ongoing practice to strengthen and tone you grow nerve endings in the vagina, which increases the sensation and pleasure. The healthier the yoni, the deeper the orgasms.

Can I keep my Yoni egg in to long?

Yes. You can. Your yoni has muscles that get tired just as you would from lifting weights. Pay attention to how your yoni feels. Start slowly. Follow your body. Your yoni will let you know when the egg is ready to come out or she may “pop” out on her own!

What if my Yoni egg gets lost in my vagina? Can it get stuck?

Your egg can not get lost in your vagina. Some women may have tightening of the vaginal walls during the use. This is not abnormal. The best thing you can do is to relax. If your egg does not want to come out it may be a sign that it is still working. Let it be. Relax…. it will come out when its ready!

How do I get my Yoni egg out?

Laughter is always a great way to lay an egg! It helps to relax and expel the egg. Try movement, dancing, or walking. You can always squat and push to move the yoni egg down and out of your vagina.


What if my yoni egg falls out?

This can happen. Its up to you on where it falls and if you wish to use it again. Avoid using internally if it gets cracked due to hygiene. If it falls out and you still choose to use it. Place in boiled water after letting it sit to cool for 3-4 minutes. This should sanitize it. You can add Himalayan pink salt to the water also.

What do I clean my Yoni egg with?

NEVER use soap! Boil water and let cool for 3-4 min. or rinse with warm/hot water. You can put pink salt in the water to soak. Rinse thoroughly before inserting.

       DO NOT….

          PUT EGG IN BOILING WATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
           DO NOT MICROWAVE YOUR EGG!!!!!!!!!!


Can I use if I am pregnant?

 If you are pregnant, postpartum or experiencing any kind of sexual dysfunction, check with your doctor first. It is not recommended to begin use later in your pregnancy but if you used it before or during initial phases of pregnancy you should be ok.

Yoni Eggs FAQ's

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