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AO Scan Digital Body Analyzer

AO Scan is a technology that communicates with the body via subtle bio-frequencies and electromagnetic signals. These signals both measure and guide the body toward homeostasis the natural state of balance.

AO Scan Technology reads and interprets energy, frequency, vibration, and resonance signals, so that you know what is going on inside your body.

Every cell and organ in the body has its own distinctive Vibrational Frequency or Oscillation. When these oscillations are disrupted, whether by injury, diet, stress or emotion, it results in a disruption of that biological function. Which when not addressed, can bring about fatigue, depression, illness, disease and even death.

Over the past 20 years, more than 120,000 of these Vibrational Frequencies have been isolated, identified and cataloged. Knowing what the optimum oscillation or frequencies of these cells and organs are, can assist in determining the root cause of an individual’s health status when these frequencies are compared to the individual scanned results.

Some of the benefits you can expect with the AO Body Scan

  • Safe and Non-invasive comprehensive scan

  • Simple method of measuring the health state of the entire body

  • Detailed visual health status of the organs, systems and tissues of the body.

  • Can identify future health issues early for preventative care

  • A 24-page report clearly defining areas that need to be addressed to optimize your health


What's Your Frequency?

When this technology was compared with conventional diagnostic methods of Ultrasound, CT-Scan and MRI, the AO Comprehensive Scan 

showed to be far more accurate:

AO Digital Body Analyzer Uses Electromagnetic Signals to Scan The Entire Body

  • Allergies / Sensitivities.                         

  • Vitamins / CoEnzymes​

  • Digestive / Gastrointestinal Function

  • Fungus / Mold

  • Genetics

  • Immune System

  • Insulin Resistance

  • Major Organ Function

  • Parasites

Issues the AO Body Scan Can Address

  • Thyroid Function

  • Bacterial Diseases

  • Blood Panels / CBC Report

  • Reproductive Function

  • Bone & Muscle Condition

  • Cardiovascular Issues

  • Chakras

  • Heavy Metals

  • Viruses

How does the AO Body Scanner work?

Solex’s AO Scan Technology reads and interprets energy, frequency, vibration, and resonance signals, so that you know what is going on inside your body.

The AO Scan can detect, correct, and even shield the body’s frequencies. It can compare your body’s specific frequencies to a database of known healthy frequencies. Then, by running a second scan, the device clears the negative frequencies and even shields your state of balance and energy. Clearing allows you to eliminate negative vibrations from your surroundings. Shielding protects you against any negative vibrations or energy.

AO PHONE (1).png

What to Expect During Your AO Scan Session

You will wear a bone conducting head set that scans your body’s electromagnetic energy field. A trained technician will perform your scan and a report will be generated describing your findings and outlining the areas of imbalance.


Then a frequency modulation will be conducted whereby the headset transmits the healthy frequencies which will start to bring the body back to a more energetic balance. Once the body is frequency optimized, it is able to start the healing process. 

This treatment removes any impediments to healing and almost immediately begins to bring the body back into balance so that it may begin to heal itself.



After Your Scan.........

You will meet with our Physician Assistant /Wellness Practitioner to review your scan results and be scheduled for follow-up sessions based on your findings. You will receive your comprehensive reports via email as well as additional Inner Voice balancing frequencies that you can listen to in the comfort of your home.



 Inner voice-listens to the tone of your voice and gives you melodies to balance the imbalances. The AO Scan system can sense and analyze subtleties in your voice patterns which translate into brain patterns. ... The AO Scan INNER-Voice technology can then interpret these patterns and identify areas of emotional imbalance as well as physical conditions.



The Vital Scan mode of the device performs a complete scan of over 550 functions of the body and completes this scan in under 1 minute while producing the data and a 24 page detailed report to take home!  Vitals-a virtual blood test. It looks for factors out of range and sends optimization frequencies to those that were out of range.


This Comprehensive Scan mode performs even more detailed scans on over 130 organs, cell, bones and chromosomes throughout the body as it prepares for a client in depth graphical report.  Each of these scans only takes between 12 and 20 seconds each. This mode also offers a comprehensive library of information that is constantly being upgraded with more information on a regular basis.


What does the AO Scanner look at?

  • Blood report

Covers a range of blood measurement and displays frequency levels in range and out of range.

  • Gastrointestinal report

Displays the balances or imbalances of the Gastrointestinal system frequencies. It displays frequency levels in range and out of range.

  • Nutritional report

Displays normal or deficient measurements of mineral, vitamin, amino acid, and enzyme frequencies of the body.

  • Physical Functionality report:

Displays frequency levels in range and out of range associated with a person’s physical ability, bone, muscle, brain and cardiovascular health, hormone, immunity, and organ health.

  • Toxicities report:

Displays positive or negative frequency levels of toxicities, including possible allergies, bacteria, fungus, heavy metals, and man-made toxins.

  • And, so much more!

Learn more about the treatments we offer!

Wellness is a process that often requires a variety of modalities and treatments, that is why we have built our services to provide innovative treatment modalities. 

. Find out how we can help you take the first step towards healing!

Solex Introduction Video

Solex Introduction Video

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Interested owning your own device or becoming a retailer of AO Scanners?

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