Meet the AW&Y Team


Asha W. Sims (she/her/hers)
Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Supervisor (LCMHCS),  Clinical Hypnotherapist (CH),

Certified Yoga Instructor (E-RYT-200), Reiki Master Teacher (RMT),
Chief Entrepreneurial Officer (CEO)/Clinical Director

Asha W. Sims is a therapist, holistic wellness practitioner, and yogi. She believes in promoting wellness and the prevention of illness through total holistic care.  The maintenance of an aligned soul, body, and spirit is the key to healing.

Ms. Sims is the founder and Chief Entrepreneurial Officer of Ashakti Wellness & Yoga LLC as well as the Clinical Director. As a leading clinician in the field of mental health, she supervises budding wellness practitioners with a keen understanding of the total person.  In addition, as a certified Hypnotherapist along with other specializations, Ms. Sims is skilled in assisting with resolving trauma and PTSD. Other areas of her work include smoking cessation, weight loss, stress/anxiety, women & sexual health, and past life regressions. 

Asha W. Sims' background in Chakra Therapy allows her to provide a grounded approach. The focus is the integration and balancing of core energy centers that affects development, growth, and mental health. 


Sharell D. Cannady (she/her/hers)
Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor
Reiki Master Teacher (RMT),

Social Researcher & Therapist

Sharell D. Cannady leverages her unique knowledge of people, processes, and systems to promote holistic wellness (spirit, soul, and body). Her educational training includes: Integration of Spirituality; Research & Program Evaluation; Assessment Techniques; Group; and Marriage & Family Counseling. She is also a certificated in Reiki Usui System of Natural Healing. Sharell's approach is client-centered and research-based with a focus on inter-generational trauma. She provides mental health counseling to young adults and adults by integrating a number of different therapeutic modalities. Her specialty is promoting self-awareness to resolve issues affecting the lives of individuals and their relationships with others. Sharell is skilled in working with couples. Sharell is passionate about bringing all of her training, experience, and knowledge to the table!   


Tahnaya "Tee" Williams (she/her/hers)
Reiki Master Practitioner (RMP), Energy Practitioner (EP)

Medical Intuitive & Wellness Practitioner

Tahnaya "Tee" Williams is a Reiki Master, Behavior Coach and Wellness Practitioner.  Tahnaya is a Master Energy Practitioner and specializes in men's health and working with children with autism. Tahnaya believes that it is important to always make what you do personal and do it with love and a smile.


Shay White-Joseph (she/her/hers)
Physician Assistant (PA), Certified Yoga Practitioner (CYI-200), Reiki Practitioner (RP), Iridology (IP)

Medical Intuitive & Wellness Practitioner

Shay White-Joseph is a  Physician Assistant, formerly specialized in Western Medicine, specifically: Internal Medicine, Family Practice, Pediatrics, Urgent Care, and Women’s Health for 17 years. She developed an interest in Naturopathic Holistic Health after recovering from a personal health crisis. Western medicine failed her causing extreme side effects to underlying issues. Her regime included taking many prescription medicines daily for hypertension, congestive heart failure, diabetes, and chronic pain. 


The implementation of simple healthier lifestyle choices, research (medical intuition), and her studies (i.e. yoga instruction, reiki practitioner training, iridology practitioner training) offered a stable resolution to her problems. Results were evident in 3-9 months and the overall process was less expensive. A passion for sharing this wealth of love and knowledge was born. 


Shay White-Joseph wants to help others seeking more natural, holistic, and organic means of resolving health issues. Her purpose is to improve the quality of life with “health wealth” medical knowledge and holistic measures.


Aisha Yesher-El (she/her/hers)
Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor (LCMHC),
Reiki Practitioner (RP), Dance Instructor,  & Certified Yoga
Instructor (CYI-200) in Training

Aisha Yesher-El provides wellness services in the form of holistic therapy as well as integrative care. She treats a multitude of diagnoses in addition to assisting with everyday life transitions. Her areas of specialty include, but are not limited to: Childhood neglect, ADHD, Oppositional Defiant, Trauma/Abuse, Homelessness, and Mood Disorders. Aisha also enjoys providing guidance with life adjustments such as parenting/co-parenting, career development, and spiritual development. 

She helps to identify as well as educate on presenting imbalances. Her expertise includes, but is not limited to: Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing, Chakra Therapy.

In addition to being a LCMHC, Aisha is also a holistic wellness practitioner. She incorporates therapeutic expressive arts (i.e. dance, healing sound, and energy work) into her already extensive skillset. Her work helps clients to process unspoken trauma.

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Cyndi Friday (she/her/hers)
Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor (LCMHC),
Reiki Master Practitioner (RMP)

Cyndi is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor, as well as a licensed school counselor in the state of North Carolina. Cyndi served four years as Dean of Student Services at a K-12 charter school and for ten years as a High School Counselor at a K-12 charter school.


She is owner of Innerversations, a therapeutic private practice, where she invites her clients to examine and reshape the conversations within.  Cyndi received her Ed.S, and M.A., in Mental Health Counseling from Gardner-Webb University, and her B.A. in Psychology from Queens University. S


She is a member of the American Counseling Association.  Prior to her career move to counseling and education, Cyndi worked in banking for sixteen years in various positions, including customer service, operations and risk management. Cyndi loves practicing yoga,  meditation,  spending time with family, reading, traveling, and perusing local businesses.


Kristen Flemming (she/her/hers)
 Yoga Instructor/ Wellness Practitioner
Reiki Practitioner

Goddess Kristen Dionne is the Self-Care Wellness guru. With over 20 years of combined experience with Astrology, Dance, Energy Healing, Finance, Yoga, and much more. 


She uses her degree in Psychology, obtained at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, strong intuition, and ability to read energy, along with her Reiki and Yoga certifications to create an authentic experience, tailored to the needs of her clients.

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Daniela "Dani" Garrett (she/they)
2021-2022 Master of Arts in Counseling Candidate
(Clinical Mental Health),

Certified Yoga Instructor (CYI-200), Reiki Practitioner (RP)
Graduate Intern        

Daniela "Dani" Garrett, pronouns she/they, received her undergraduate degree in psychology and religious studies. She also has 3 years of experience as a yoga instructor at a studio that emphasizes the importance of inclusivity, accessibility, and trauma-informed yoga for every body. Her experiences with holistic wellness and yogic practices have inspired her to expand the work of counseling to include the exploration of mind, body, and soul within a therapeutic process. Dani believes that every human being holds power within to find acceptance and psychological flexibility in the face of difficult times. As a counseling student, she has gained experience in working with military families (adults and children). Other issues and populations she can offer guidance for include anxiety, complex trauma, self-esteem/self-identity crises, sexual orientation and gender identity, stress management, and depression. Daniela "Dani" Garrett's  theoretical orientation offers an outline to helping others through exploring one’s understanding and meaning of life, acceptance of experiences both good and bad, and clarifying values that may offer a sense of direction moving forward. 


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Spencer Scorsone (she/her/hers)
2021-2022 Master of Arts in Counseling Candidate
(Clinical Mental Health)

Reiki Master Practitioner (RMP)
Graduate Intern        

Spencer Scorscone is a holistic interning therapist. She utilizes the 8 dimensions model to explore total wellness: emotional, mental, spiritual, physical, social, financial, occupational, and environmental. Spencer is eclectic in her style integrating several research-based techniques into the counseling process including mindfulness and self-awareness practices in the here-and-now, somatic therapy, Reiki, cognitive-behavioral interventions. She works with college students, couples, and parents to explore their these relative to their thought processes, acceptance and commitment therapy, and existential approaches. Spencer's approach is to explore the lenses through which clients life experiences in order to assist with clarifying their sense of purpose and meaning.