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Rhythm and Beats Soul Healing is a 4 week psychotherapeutic group. It offers an outlet to embody the exploration of movement & relieves stress/anxiety through dancing mindfulness. Both rhythm & beats assist in the processing of emotions without the use words and talking. Cortisol (the hormone that is associated with stress as well as depression) levels are reduced in the brain. In addition, the "feel good" hormones of endorphins are released. Allowing the mind in addition to the body instant relief. Dancing mindfulness also helps to improve memory & creativity, as it increases self confidence/self esteem. 

What is Dancing Mindfulness?

Dancing Mindfulness is the practice of expression through dance that bring awareness to the body. 
It allows participants to tap into their body and become mindful of the story that is currently playing out in their mind. Dancing Mindfulness focuses on the breath, heart rate, and the mind (thoughts and feelings)

Dancing Mindfulness, as a holistic wellness practice, is a creative approach to mindfulness meditation that draws on dance as the vehicle for engaging in the ancient practice characterized by non-judgment, loving kindness, and present-centered awareness.

The benefits of dancing mindfulness are: 


  • Enhances relaxation 

  • Promotes Stress reduction

  • Improves body concept 

  • Strengthens body awareness 

  • Increases self esteem 

  • Heightens awareness of self

  • Decreases anxiety 

  • Boosts moods

  • Provides new coping skills 

  • Stimulates emotional regulation

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