Having issues with those closest to you? Are you wondering if the relationship is toxic? Join us for a 4 week webinar series to help you get some answers. 

SIGN UP today! The series is scheduled to run each Thursday for 4 weeks (January 16 - February  6). And, Yes! There is a replay that will be available 24 hours after the live sessions.


There are 2 payment options:


(1) one time fee of $85 for all four sessions.

(2) $25 payment for each webinar each week

Week 1: What is it about you they just don’t get? Sometimes those dearest to us have the most difficult time understanding us. Make your intentions and motivation plain. 




Week 2: Why do they just make you want to clap back every time? Loving loved ones can often feel like a task. Better position yourself to comprehend their intentions.  




Week 3: How does EVERY conversation turn into an argument? Talking seems simple enough, but there are so many roadblocks (shouting, ignoring, selective hearing, and criticizing).




Week 4: When did we start waging war against one another? We know our roles with one another. However, we don’t know where things went off track and how to solve them.    


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