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Vaginal Steam


Deluxe Womb 


Enjoy the experience of a vaginal steam in addition to an additional service of your choice.

Additional Services Choice Include:

Womb Energy Session- 40 min.




Get set up on a monthly recurring payment plan and reduce your payment for services. Enroll in a 3 mos- Womb Sauna regimine for only $65 a month

What is The Vaginal steam Experience?

A vaginal steam is to provide support women in getting to the root cause of not only any womb imbalances, but life imbalances. There is a direct correlation between womb health and a woman’s fulfillment with her life.In many ways, our vaginal steam experience is a ritual as well.

 Our clients get the FIRST- CLASS treatment through…

  • Having a private, intimate 1-on-1 session with their  Practitioner

  • A coach the entire session to support their body, mind, and spirit during the detox

  • An energy-based vaginal steam experience integrating crystal and healing touch therapies as well as sacred movement

  • Services at their home or at one of our Womb Sauna Practitioner’s locations

  • A customized womb healing regimen with accountability and tools to use in between each session


What Happens at Appointment?

Your Practitioner will confirm your payment and send you an electronic client intake form to ensure that they can properly prepare for your session. On your appointment day, your initial consultation is completed. Prior to getting in the sauna, you are taught stretches and yoga postures that support opening up the hips, increasing circulation to the womb, and removing tension in the back and pelvis.

You will then sit on an open chair, covered with our sauna capes. Throughout the session our trained practitioners administer your aromatherapy, crystal therapies, and breathwork.. Your release happens physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually and can last up to 3 days after the session.

 Who Should Receive the  Vaginal Steam?

 Our clients have ranged from age 7 to 60+. In addition, the service  helps prevent and treat imbalances. Many women with reproductive disorders like infertility, fibroids, PCOS, and more have immediate benefits from just one Womb Sauna session. In addition, women in good health also receive immediate benefits as well and notice that they have more energy, freedom, and better management of stress.


I have more questions and I am excited about setting up my first session!

Many questions can be answered on our FAQ tab. You can set up your appointment with Asha W. SIms  by clicking here, find a Certified Practitioner in your area by clicking here


1. Is this service FDA approved?

No it is not. Many holistic remedies are not FDA approved because they are not mainstream forms of medical treatment. In addition, vaginal steaming is new in the Western world and there has not been enough data collected and presented for the FDA to approve this form of medicine. If you are seeking counsel on whether or not you should do this treatment you can contact us first or consult with your primary care physician.

2. Who designed this treatment?

Saunas are an ancient technique that have been used for centuries. Vaginal steaming itself, has been very familiar in other cultures outside of America and has produced amazing healing results for women.

3. How sanitary is the steam?

We have very strict policies about sanitation. All cleaning supplies are hospital grade and green products, meaning that we use the same sanitation products used in hospitals to ensure all of our products remain sanitized. Our cleaning products are also earth-friendly and endocrine system friendly products.

4. How many sessions does a woman need before seeing results?

It varies. Our approach is mind, body, and spirit. We do not seek to treat the symptoms alone but to achieve healing. So it depends on each woman’s individual needs. Most women start to see physical results after their 2nd session in the womb sauna. 100% of our clients report an immediate healing benefit in their emotions, stress levels, and spirit. It is typically recommended that the first 3 sessions be done every 3 weeks and the following sessions, once per month. However, again, every woman’s healing needs vary and there is no risk with having more frequent sessions. You could have sessions daily, and it would not create an adverse reaction on the body.

5. How private is each session?

We service our clients one-on-one or if in a group setting  This is a very intimate and sacred service. Our focus is not parties, experimentation, or just any kind of spa experience. All of those things are ok too, however our focus is deeper. This is why we even offer to bring it you in an environment where you are most comfortable. There is an additional traveling service fee for mobile sauna services. Some women want to be in the sauna naked, some only remove their bottoms. Either option, you are still fully sealed in the sauna capes and the only part of your body that is exposed is your neck up and feet. Your vagina will need to be exposed to absorb the herbal steam from the sauna.

6. Can pregnant women receive a  vaginal steam?

We do not provide vaginal steaming services for pregnant women under any circumstances. However, we do provide postpartum Womb Sauna vaginal steams to help women with recovery from childbirth.

7. Is it safe to receive a steam if I have an IUD?

Our method of vaginal steaming has not shown any contraindications for women with an IUD. It is safe.


10. Can I receive a  vaginal steam while on my menses?

We have so much honor and respect for your womb’s natural cleansing process that we do not interfere with it. We do not provide services for women on their menses.

11. When is the best time for me to receive a  vaginal steam?

You can literally receive this treatment daily and it would have no adverse affects on your body. However, when you work with your practitioner and begin to uncover the root cause of your imbalance you will be provided with a customized regimen that will help you identify where you need to do the majority of your healing work.


12. Do you provide steaming services for men?

At this time our company does not provide steaming services for men. We have received many requests but will not release that service until we are confident of its impact and safety.

13. Is it safe to receive the  Vaginal Steam if I have a severe prolapsed uterus?

Depending on the severity of your prolapse this can be a contraindication for our method of vaginal steaming. However, we have successfully helped women with a prolapse. 


" When I received my first Yoni steam. I was not sure what to expect of the experience and that was very exciting for me. Upon arrival Asha had the space prepared and began explaining the process. I felt extremely comfortable in the space she provided and was eager to begin. Once I sat on the pot and felt the light steam there was a feeling a peace rush through me. Everything began with Asha asking me one question, a question that led to the release of a lot of emotions I had kept in. During the steam Asha continued to guide me on a journey of my life. She performed reflexology while I shared about my life. I felt relaxed and was very focused on the present moment. If I could sum everything up in one word it would be empowering. Empowering to be in a space to release heavy emotions. Empowering to share parts of my life I do not easily open up about. During our discussion Asha led me to back to showing me how everything that had happened in my life has helped create the woman I am today. A reminder of everything I have learned and the power I have to go through what I did. After the steam Asha performed Reiki and it was the perfect way to end the session. I literally felt like I had pushed a RESET button and was ready to go out and conquer the world. It was like I left all my emotions of fear, guilt and anger in the pot. I’m writing this two days later and it’s been an amazing two days. The best way to describe how I feel is light and unstoppable. My mindset is focused and my Yoni feels complete. It was the most amazing experience and I highly recommend it every woman. It was a space to release, embody peace and feel safe to share parts of my life I keep to my self. Asha is truly a miracle worker and guide. She is loving, patient and empowering. I’m beyond thankful for my experience and look forward to my next session. Thank you Asha, for creating a space for greatness. My RESET button has been pushed and I’m ready to by my true authentic self.

D. Williams, Age 37

"Greetings... I wanted to thank you again for last evenings Amazing Experience of my Womb Sauna... I had heard about vagina steaming as a pampering session...almost like manicure, pedicure, or facial... This was nothing like that... As with anything and everything Asha Sims does Womb Sauna is a healing experience, like none other. Healing that was much needed... I am a woman over the age of 60 who has experience a lifetime of less than ideal sexual experiences, abortions, miscarriages, physical traumas that have left scars as well as deep emotional scars that hadn't healed only been bandaged, covered and left to ooze and effect other areas of my life... all while wearing a pleasant smile.... Well, Ms. Asha Sims greeted me for my Womb Sauna, and in peaceful, welcoming private environment, she let me know how the session would be conducted... As it began, her encouraging words, and conversation flowed...I opened up to parts of my heart, that were connected to my womb where I carried my life hurts, damage, scars, they were exposed, and room was made for healing to begin...I learned so much...things that I regretted...were my strengths...I was guided to see me in a new light. I was stronger then I knew...I felt lifted, and lighter.. All while reflexology was being preformed on my feet...Oh My God the best feeling ever...As if that weren't more than I could have asked for ...It was time for energy healing to be done in addition to all that done...I felt as if I floated into another I grasped onto the reality of where I was, as much as I would have like to float away...not yet..Not Yet !!! I want another Asha Sims Womb Sauna Experience ... I say all that to say...Book your appointment ...As women Let the healing all starts with Us..."

Queen Azima, Age 63

"My first experience having a yoni steam was a liberating experience. I went in not knowing what to expect. The herbs provided a detox while I cleansed fear and shame from my womb through a cleansing conversation with Asha. She provided support and understanding through the entire process and I look forward to the lasting benefits of the herbal cleanse."

S.Sims, Age  38

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